This week and month, we remember The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the Civil Rights leader of the 1950's and 1960's. But there is another man active in the Civil Rights movement we should remember as well: gay man Bayard Rustin.


December 1 culminates a month-long Red Ribbon campaign, officially recognized by the City of Vancouver for all of us to continue the fight against HIV/AIDS, support those living with this disease, and together work with the hope that some day there will be a cure.


Seattle's QFC grocery store in the gay community stands for more than just Quality Food Centre. It has long been known as 'Queer Fucking Central', especially its Broadway store in the city's Capitol Hill queer neighbourhood. Find out about how queer central and the Broadway Market introduced the big-city gay lifestyle to one of our writers.

nationalmarchOctober really should be Gay History Month, what with the significant dates occurring in this month. from Coming out day to the death of Matthew Shepard.


Judy Garland's signature song went from being a song of hope to a torch song for drag queens and the larger GLBT community.

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