Fashion has no language, knows no barriers, oblivious to everything but comfort- Pirabalini infatuatedly states on brilliant art.

Still a sensitive recoveree from the passing of the late great McQueen, she is more than ever in love with the industry – This is all I know, this is all I need to know. What do people say on Love? All you need is Love? Well, all I need is Fashion.

Multiple Accidents/Encounters, a background in Fashion Design and Merchandising - long story short, Pirabalini is blissfully and humbled to be the Creative Director for VERS Magazine. She aspires to share her work and bring awareness from nationwide top talents to VERS’s darling readers.

Midst of all these words, complex thoughts, she is a woman swirled into a materialistic world. Parlez-vous Balenciaga/Christopher Bates (Burberry)/Tom Ford?

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