Kyle James

Kyle James was born and raised in his hometown of Calgary Alberta. He was adopted when he was a day old into a Scottish family.

His background is Czech and Cree. He has passions for people, technology and the human body and its adaptations to physical change. Kyle James recently moved to British Columbia to pursue his love for health and fitness by attending a top private school to obtain an extensive and comprehensive education in the field of health. Kyle James was not always successful and healthy, at an early age he found himself struggling with obesity, and because of this he grew up with very few friends, and battled with depression on a day-to-day basis.

He also found himself a victim of bullying. Kyle remained obese until he was sixteen, at this age, he found he was able to loose the weight with a better diet and cardio type exercise, it took him over a year of hard work, occasionally rewarding himself for this hard work. Later on in life after loosing the weight, he would develop a passion for fitness, and find that by helping others obtain there health and fitness goals, he would over come that feeling of depression, gaining much needed self confidence and finally accepting the person staring back at him in the mirror.

He has in his young years worked as a computer technician and also as a custom electrical technician, but found himself unhappy working in these fields. Kyle James has also worked as a DJ and in the retail industry selling clothing, and although finding it enjoyable working as a DJ, he found it lacking that special something to make it his life long career, so after long and careful deliberation, Kyle James has now come to terms with the fact that he wants a career helping others, and more specifically in the field he used to help himself overcome his own weight battle and depression problems, and that is the health and fitness industry.

Kyle James is currently and actively studying in school, and by the time he finishes will have trained over 30 people from his class, and logged in over four hundred hours of class time, plus hundreds of hours in the gym, just from school alone, he also trains his private clientele and spends personal time training as well. He also holds a top education in: Fitness Theory, Supervisory and Business topics, Weight Training with I.C.E., Nutrition and Group Fitness, Bootcamp/Circuit/Portable Equipment Training, Personal Training and General studies with ACE, Sports Specific Training (ACE), Personal Training for the Special Population (ACE) and BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer as well as holding First AID and CPR certificates.

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