Brit B Dubbs

BritBrittany Barwick (aka Brit B Dubbs) is a talented creative mind quickly lightin' up one hell of a name for herself in the streets of Vancity.

Rumored to be a badass (the good kind of course) local LGTB2SQ community role model and personality; Brit's also infamous career-wise for her "balls to the wall" attitude and "say/do it like it is" approach to tackling various styles of media communication, broadcast writing, as well as in a variety of genres of event productions and promotions.

The past few years Brit B Dubbs has taken a backseat to fulltime business; instead volunteering her heart and hands helping youth and adults suffering with mental health and addiction issues. "She's definitely marking territory in Vancouver's queer community and is fast tracking her way to the top of a multitude of crossover media and industries."

Follow Brit on Twitter @britbdubbs and www.brandb.blogspot.com.

Or email her directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !

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