Angie Holubowich


A true foodie with a distinguished palate and a passion for finding good food hidden everywhere. The Curvy Gourmet was created based on a desire for sharing the local eats of Vancouver. Bringing her adventurous eats to VERS Magazine was the perfect combination of her fag hag lifestyle and foodie spirit.

A self described "Martha Stewart Magyver Hybrid", Angie is always outspoken and a true justice fighter in pure Libran form. She uses her ballsy tone and unique writing style to stand out from the crowd. Her roots in rural Alberta have kept her down to earth while a yearning for adventure and diversity have brought her to lush Vancouver. With a diverse background in Veterinary Medicine and Retail Management, she enjoys educating and informing to enrich the lives of those around her.

"I have always had an affinity for furry faces, having no problem connecting with animals even when human interactions were awkward. I began like most pet crazy individuals do, in the retail pet environment. Watching the responsible pet parents cover their every need and guiding them through making those vital choices such as food, grooming products, and toys. This taught me a great deal about the difference between "good" foods and "bad" foods. Learning that just because a company has a great advertising campaign, does not mean they have a quality food. I spent countless hours looking at ingredient labels and learning what the purpose of every single item within the food serves.This has still proven to be the most educational environment for me. I still examine the ingredient label on random bags of food or new pet treats that hit the market.

My next adventure began by volunteering for my local vet clinic. My position as a volunteer quickly became a full time paid position as a Technical assistant. After 2 years of working side by side a veterinarian in surgery and in day to day exams, I walked away with a wealth of knowledge of the inner workings of a clinic. To say that everything you see in a clinic or in the animal industry is puppies, kittens, and rainbows would be greatly misleading. There is abuse, neglect, and death. Any pet owner will tell you that saying goodbye to their beloved friend is one of the hardest things they ever had to do. From a clinical viewpoint, they are still right. I was given the position within my clinic to assist with all euthanasia's and after-death planning. My ability to maintain a calm collected composure while being able to deliver information on a very sensitive subject proved to be a vital skill.

My experience with animals has given me a firm set of beliefs and made me into a bit of an activist for rescue animals and everything Bob Barker ever told us. I'm excited to share this information with you."

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